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Batch of JAC electric warehouse trucks export to Euro-market


Anhui Jianghuai-Yinlian Heavy-duty instruction machine CO.,LTD (JAC FORKLIFT) has recently smoothly and successfully exported batch of electric warehouse trucks to Euro-market , that means JAC forklift has made a solid step towards the international high-end market.

This batch order is for a big European company,products include electric tractors and reach forklifts. After several rounds of strict testing by customer, the products surpassed the competitor similar products in each performance index, and finally won the bid at one fell swoop.


JAC forklift independently developed electric tractor, reach forklift and other electric warehouse products, among them 2-6 ton seat-operating type electric tractor has the characteristics of novel shape, flexible steering, easy operation, large traction, low noise and so on, 1.6-2 ton seat-operating type reach forklift has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving, comfortable operation, accurate and reliable operation, low noise and so on.

JAC forklift will continue steadily to promote the international strategy in 2018,and also actively build the international brand image of JAC forklift in international market.