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JAC new AGV entered JAC motor fifth corporate culture week and public open day launch ceremony


   May 20, 2018 is the 54th anniversary of JAC motor, in the days of the special significance in "culture promote brand" as the theme of JAC motor the fifth enterprise culture week and open day launching ceremony was held in the center of the JAC technology. JAC company’ latest development of tape navigation and unidirectional lurking AGV provided the activity with vitality.

   Tape navigation and unidirectional lurking AGV is specially developed for the internal automatic logistics line of JAC motors factory, our company and JAC motors technology center project construction institute jointly developed and realized the core software completely independent development, is a key step towards the AGV industry.

   During the activity, JAC motors every subsidiary company shows typical products, At the scene, there are high-end products like Nextev ES8 and JAC Volkswagen SOL high-end products etc, but our company's AGV is the only mobile exhibition. AGV continued to operate in the square, attracted the attention of a large audience.The leaders of the subsidiary of JAC motors stopped to watch the event, and all the participants were interested in the AGV, which could walk automatically, and they took photos. At noon of the activity day, AGV  successfully completed the exhibition task.

   AGV project is JAC forklift new field, and it is very difficult in technology. At the beginning of the project, in order to ensure the progress and quality of the project, the general manager assistant supervises the whole project and strictly controls every design detail. For preparation, he led the project team to visit the market and take part in the exhibition. At the end of 2017, the heavy snow blocked automobile, but the project team chose the bus to travel, unable to block the progress, Without the hardship of the process, we will not taste the sweetness of the result. Through the continuous efforts of the project team, the AGV has realized basic function, and success is at ahead.

   AGV is the future development direction of JAC forklift, and it is a core part of JAC company's development plan, the first tape navigation and unidirectional lurking AGV has been success and it is exciting, but we must realize that this is just a small step in the long-term development, we still have bigger challenges ahead, so we must remember our mission and move on ahead. With the leadership of the company, we through solid steps to build a better future.