JAC Heavy News

Upgrading by Transformation & Structural Adjustment


    October is the traditional peak season for the Forklift industry.JAC Forklift has got great achievements in forklifts orders and product structure transformation as well. The European customers have been placing side-pull battery forklifts since last delivery of electric tractor in March, 2018.

    JAC brand wins more trust from overseas customers by its cost effective products.

The hot models have been dramatically taken up more market shares thanks to its increasingly products structure upgrading.
    The batch delivery of side-pull battery forklifts has won high  satisfaction of customers and made JAC brand a good reputation  in the European market as well, which will exert positive impacts on the further development of the European market.

    We strongly believe that JAC Forklift will get a brighter future with its good productivity under the concerted efforts of everyone.