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The R&D of 12T forklift


  Recently,in response to market demand,andrelieve the company's operating pressure under the severe market situation, our technical center organized a technical team to develop 12T internal combustion counterbalanced forklift.

  At the beginning of the project, in order to ensure meeting the needs of customers, the team leader visited the market and inspected a variety of harsh working conditions.They collected information on similar products and discussed with drivers.These things was laying the foundation for later project development.

  During the design of the project, the members completed the design of the vehicle according to the collected information , and gave a variety of configuration options. The team organized a number of internal and external reviews.They carried out several rounds of revisions to the program and configuration. The final design plan has successfully passed the company review.

  In order to introduce the products to market as soon as possible,  A various of departments cooperated to finish the first prototype of the vehicle before the mid-year dealer meeting. At the mid-year dealer conference, high evaluation of the vehicle was obtained from dealers from multiple countries.

  Wfirmly believe that the 12-ton internal combustion counterbalanced forklift will definitely reflect the excellent quality of JAC in the market.