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Lithium battery tractor delivered to customers on schedule


Recently, five lithium battery tractors were inspected by customers according to the original scheduled time. After driving test, the customer gave a high evaluation of the vehicle's performance and safety configuration.

Lithium battery tractors are usually used as towing vehicles in the airports, railways, postal, pharmaceutical industryand so on.

The customer ordered nine tractors from JAC. Due to urgent requirement the customer request to complete five vehicles in a month, which was a challenge for the whole company.

After getting the order, the relevant departments quickly started work. The technical center was responsible for the design of the drawings, the process management department carried out the process combing, and the purchasing department integrated the resources for material procurement. welding, vehicle assembly, commissioning, paint finishing and other processes have also been rapidly carried out. General manager of the company personally understand the progress of the order with the production, procurement and project teams. Through the cooperation of all the departments , the order was finally delivered in time.

The delivery of the tractors within the specified time is the result of cooperation between various departments, which provided experience for the later expedited orders.And the development of lithium battery tractors also improve the variety of the company's warehouse trucks.