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Add new member to the segment market


In year 2017, JAC developed 3.5T hydrostatic transmission 4WD rough rerrain forklift, and then put it on the market. But due to high cost and long purchasing time of the imported key components such as front axle, rear axle, hydraulic motor, variable pump etc the manufacturing time of the whole vehicle is long and manufacturing cost remains high, bringing high pressure on the promoting in the market.

In response to this situation, JAC put forward a development plan for the 4WD rough terrain forklift with Chinese transmission system. At same time,international department got a testing order for 2 units 4WD rough terrain forklifts with Chinese transmission system. The development of the forklift under clients order can save a lot of cost. The development of 4WD rough terrain forklift with Chinese transmission system has been put on the agenda.

After 8 months of design, development and production, 2 units 4WD rough terrain forklifts with Chinese transmission system have been successfully rolled off the production line! This forklift has the characteristics of fast driving speed and strong load capacity. It has two driving modes, 2WD and 4WD, and has a strong ability to get out of trouble in harsh environments. The most important thing is that the key components of this model are all domestic made, and the suppliers are all from our company's suppliers system, so the service can be effectively guaranteed. This makes the cost of the whole vehicle greatly reduced compared to the hydrostatic transmission 4WD rough terrain forklift. The appearance of this product not only enriches the company's rough terrain forklift product line, but also provides strong support for company's marketing in the current environment.