JAC Heavy News

Steady flow of news of victories Another batches of JAC New Energy Lithium Forklifts are bulk deliv


Near the end of year, Good news for batches of forklift delivery. Following the batch delivery of  14 Units S -lithium batteries in Taiyuan, another batch of JAC  new energy lithium battery forklift  are delivered to the Southwest. As of now, the company's new energy lithium electric forklift orders have far more than thousands of units. Among them, the HE new energy lithium battery series has been more than 900 units, and it is expected to break a thousand units at the end of the year.

JAC new energy lithium battery forklift complies with the national environmental protection requirements, and is favored by the market with its high -strength internal combustion balance heavily body, superior use performance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high cost performance. As for the HE new energy lithium forklifts delivered to the Southwest region, according to customer requirements, dealers installed booms to meet the on -site use of customers. This customer is a loyal old customer for JAC Forklift, and has repeatedly purchased the JAC forklifts in batches. At present, they have more than ten Units- JAC Forklift. This batch of vehicles from signing orders to delivery, the decision -making is rapid and the process is smooth, which also reflects the customer's recognition of JAC Forklift, as well as our company's rapid response and intentional services for customers.

Not only does the HE new energy vehicle order frequency, but also other models, such as S series lithium battery, large tonnage vehicles, and warehousing equipments are also in full swing production and shipping. We are strive to submit a more satisfactory answer paper for the end of the year, and meanwhile, our company are trying to prepare enough stock for peak peason at next year.